No. 104, Revisited—3rd Visit [Runners]

Photo Courtesy of IWU Parents
Photo Courtesy of IWU Parents

“This year, at Wake Forest, I’m running the 5K. The goal is to break 15 [minutes] for the first time. Nothing exciting happens really until the end. I see that I’m going to break 15 minutes—I see 14:55, 56, and I’m just like, ‘I did it.’ So I put my hands up—I was in fourth [place]. Right as I put my hands up, some guy passes me right at the line. That has been one of the highlights, or lowlights, for me—highlights for everybody else.”

Jacob ran 14:57.54. His teammates said the funniest thing about it was that it looked like he was celebrating fourth place.

No. 105 [Runners]

Photo by James Rogers
Photo by James Rogers

“I gave this advice to a high schooler last week, so hopefully it’s good. She’s injured and she called me. I don’t know her well, but she went to my high school, and she’s like, ‘I don’t know what to do. I’m so discouraged, and nothing’s going the way I want it to.’ I just told her that everybody takes their turn being injured. You just have to have a good attitude through it, because I don’t know anyone who hasn’t gotten injured in their running career. We all take turns being injured, and what’s going to show about you has nothing to do with your running ability. If you can just show your teammates that you have an amazing attitude even though you’re not able to compete right now, that’s going to do so much more than what you would have contributed to the team.”

Nos. 36 & 37 [Runners]

Nos. 36 & 37
Photo by James Rogers

“What’s your favorite part about cross-country season?”

“Bus rides.”

“Why bus rides?”

“Running is stressful, but bus rides aren’t.”

“Getting to see new places in Holland, and especially runs when you end in Lake Michigan.”

“What’s something that gets you out the door to practice every day?”

“We’re depending on each other to be there, as a team. Our teammates keep us going.”