Photo by Amanda Dort

Photo by Amanda Dort

Why was Hooray Run created?

As a runner, I know there are days when it’s tough to get out the door and go for a run. I look for motivation and reason to put on the shoes and log the miles. I created Hooray Run (HR) with the intention of providing myself and every other runner with some encouragement to put in the work. HR is for all runners—not just one specific group—and even if you consider yourself a non-runner, you can find inspiration here.

With HR, I ask runners why they are spending so much time on their feet and what words of wisdom they can give that have inspired them and their running. Some runners tell stories, other runners share advice. I call this section of HR, quite simply, Runners. 

Additionally, HR showcases others’ running art (photos, videos, write-ups) on this online platform. Runner’s High is where the photographs are located. For videos, check out A Good Clip (AGC). As for the write-ups, those are featured in Writings.

If you would like to add to the HR journey or ask more about the project, click Contact. I hope HR can elevate your love for running and help keep your feet moving.

—James Rogers, Creator

Hooray Run has a podcast, too. Listen to the episodes here: Hooray Run Podcast. Listen options also available on SoundCloud, iTunes/Podcasts app, Stitcher.

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