No. 69 [Runners]

No. 69
Photo by James Rogers

“Traverse City West and Central have like 50-inch TVs in their hallways.”

“So what made you start this exploring of schools when you got to the meets?”

“We had to go to the bathroom. We don’t like going in the Port-a-Johns, so we went into the school to the bathroom. We just expanded off of that.”

“Is there something you have to do before every race, like a routine?”

“We can’t be negative, whatsoever. We have to do pushups if we are.”

“I always have to wear compression shorts. In those short shorts, I don’t need to be blinding people.”

“Gotta work on the thigh tan in the summer, ya know?”

“Yup, that’s my next project.”

“Do you like your home course?”

“Everything but the hill.”

“I like it because we practice on it, so we’re conditioned for every other place that’s out there. No one has a hill that bad, so we’re ready for whatever.”

“No hill like the Ogemaw hill. What keeps you running every day?”

“I did it yesterday, so I can do it again today.”