Hooray Run Podcast: Former D3 Standout Tim Nelson on His UW-Stout Career, National Titles, Army Lessons, Real Estate

Photos Courtesy of Tim Nelson

Tim Nelson captured several national titles and set multiple school records during his career at UW-Stout.

Host James Rogers welcomes former University of Wisconsin-Stout standout Tim Nelson to the podcast. Tim was on top of the NCAA Division III running world in 2012, the year in which he won the D3 national title in the indoor 5K (March), outdoor 5K (May), outdoor 10K (May) and cross country (November). He set multiple school records—including a sub-14 5K and a sub-24 cross-country 8K—while fine-tuning his collegiate priorities.

Tim reflects on his prestigious UW-Stout career and shares how he became one of the best D3 runners of all time. The conversation also covers his Army service, his career in real estate and a prediction for the 2019 Green Bay Packers.

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Photo by James Rogers
Photo by James Rogers

“FloTrack covers a ton of [NCAA] D1, D2 track and cross-country events, but for D3, it’d be nice to have something—like Hooray Run—something that can cover D3. I think it’d make it a lot more interesting and fun for the D3 athletes, getting that coverage. It could be a recruiting tool and help motivate [runners] throughout the season. I know at the D2 level we were constantly on FloTrack and TFRRS.org. There’s definitely some great opportunity at the D3 level for some of that coverage to happen, and it should.”