Hooray Run Podcast: Running in Circles with Cousin Mike; Cleveland Marathon Recap with Jon Weiss and Wilson Shaner


Wilson, James and Jon completed the Cleveland Marathon on May 19; Cousin Mike post-Yankee Springs trail marathon in 2016; Spyridon Louis—winner of the 1896 Olympic marathon—as the new face of Hooray Run.

Hooray Run Podcast RETURNS with a two-part mega episode! Host James Rogers’ cousin, Mike Debowski, makes his debut Hooray Run Podcast appearance. Cousin Mike and James discuss running from both personal and spectating vantage points (starts at 5:05). Then, James brings on two longtime friends—Jon Weiss and Wilson Shaner—who joined him in Ohio on May 19 to complete the Cleveland Marathon. The trio, now fully recovered, shares recaps and stories from a wild day on the streets of Cleveland (starts at 53:36).

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