Hooray Run Podcast: David Gillaspie on Why He Started Running, Chicago Marathon Prep, Pokemon Go, Audiobooks

Photo by James Rogers

David Gillaspie started running in 2016; less than three years later, he has his sights on the Oct. 7 Chicago Marathon.

My last in-person interaction with David Gillaspie before today was in 2010. He’s a high school connection who now runs a lot. I started seeing David post about his runs in 2016, and I wanted to know his story. Never known as a runner in high school and having never run with him before, I could tell via social media that he caught the running bug.

We met in Evanston, Illinois, to catch up and chat about his running. He has his sights on the Oct. 7 Chicago Marathon. He’s with the Lurie Children’s Hospital Marathon Team for the race. Read about his fundraising for the hospital at this link: foundation.luriechildrens.org/site/TR/Ev…1509389590. Please donate if you feel inclined!

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