Nos. 61, 62 & 63 [Runners]

Nos. 61, 62 & 63
Photo by James Rogers

“Last year at this meet [the Spartan Invite], there was us three and two others. She was running, and one of our other girls tried to jump and pull her pants down, and she fell, and she fell. And she was running behind them and trips over the two that fell. I was running and saw them all fall, and I was laughing so hard my knees gave out, and I fell. Our fifth girl turns around and looks at all of us laying on the ground, and all she says is, ‘Get off the ground.’ … It was our cool-down, we had just finished our race. … I couldn’t breathe I was laughing so hard.”

[Note: There was a lot of pointing and “she” claims going on during the story, so I thought I’d clarify that yes, four girls were down.]