No. 92 [Runners]

Photo by James Rogers
Photo by James Rogers

“I was going into my freshman year of high school. I was running downtown Grand Haven, and I had one of those cutoff sleeveless shirts that was just ratty. It was a really ugly shirt, worn-down. We ran through the mud in the woods, so I’ve got mud caked all over my legs. I sit down—I got a rock in my shoe—so I sit down outside one of these downtown buildings. I take off my shoe, and I got a big hole in my sock. My shirt’s just hanging all over the place. I’m dirty and sweaty. And I’m sitting against this building, and this woman comes up and hands me a dollar and walks off. She thought I was homeless. I kept the dollar.”

Nos. 70, 71 & 72 [Runners]

No. 70
Photo by James Rogers

“Perry. It was out in the middle of nowhere, by the side of a highway. It was right next to a mobile home park in the middle of the woods. I mean, it was all uphill and downhill. And it rained the night before, so it was all mud, and we were crawling up and down the hills. This one hill, we went to the bottom, and it’s all mud, and you have to get on your hands and knees to crawl back up. … No one PR’d that day. We just went there and had fun.”

“Did your coach give you any advice before the race?”

“Use the hills. Use the hills to your advantage. Yeah, and he said just be careful not to fly off into the bushes. … After the race, we went to that [muddy] hill and did it a couple more times, just crawling back up it.”