5 Hoorays: 2015 Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon

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The men’s podium (L-R): Lelisa Desisa (2nd), Lemi Berhanu (1st), Deribe Robi (3rd).

The 2015 Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon gave United States citizens terrific Thursday night racing, as the 26.2-miler began at 10 p.m. ET (7 a.m. local time on Friday).

More than 25,000 runners participated, and 21 men with a 2:10 marathon PR or faster toed the line. If you’re not too familiar with this United Arab Emirates marathon, the winners take home $200,000, and East Africans are aplenty.

The 2015 edition delivered, and I’ve put together 5 Hoorays from my viewing of the Dubai dandy.

Note: This is Hooray Run’s first-ever 5 Hoorays. Enjoy.

5. The EverSport live stream was tremendous

I wholeheartedly support House of Run’s use of the word “flawless” to describe the online stream. I’ve watched numerous races and meets via live stream, and I give a standing ovation to EverSport for its excellent production of the Dubai Marathon.

No lags, awe-inspiring shots, a crisp picture the entire way through. This live stream had it all. EverSport, please do more big races in the future. Continue reading