No. 57 [Runners]

Photo by James Rogers

“I was in Greece, and I went out for a run, it was a cloudy day. Maybe like five minutes in, the sky just opens up, and it starts pouring. I was doing a route around the Acropolis. Normal, normal running day. So it was pouring, and I decided to go for a little bit longer, just because it was fun to be running in the rain. And there’s this super, super busy street that you usually can’t get through because there’s so many people and it’s just crowded. You can’t even go through on cars—it’s all packed. But since it started pouring, everyone cleared out to the side. So it was me, running in the rain, on the street by myself, and everyone on either side just starts cheering. ‘Yeah! Way to go!’ I felt awesome. And I was going around the Acropolis—it was just the best moment.”