No. 17 [Runners]

No. 17
Photo by James Rogers

“Who is your biggest running inspiration?”

“My mom. She ran at the University of Detroit.”

“Do you have siblings who run?”

“Yeah, I have two brothers, and they both run. One is in sixth grade, and the other is 6 years old. The 6-year-old can already run an eight-minute mile.”

“How can you inspire your brothers to keep running?”

“I can help them out with their running and tell them things I have learned.”

No. 8, Revisited [Runners]

Dad 2
Photo by James Rogers

“What do you write in your log every morning?”

“I write the mileage, time of run, pace, course. All streak details.”

“What was one of the reasons for starting your running streak?”

“I wanted to become a better racer, and I realized how quickly you get out of shape without commitment.”

“What advice would you give to someone who’s considering starting a streak?”

“There can’t be any excuses. I’d also advise they run first thing in the morning; there’ll be less excuses, and it doesn’t interfere with anything.”

No. 16 [Runners]

No. 16
Photo by James Rogers

“Let me tell you about the time I ran a five-minute mile. I was in 10th grade, it was 1970. My friend and I were going to school together, and we checked the time: It’s 8:25, and school started at 8:30. We were wearing our dress shirts, ties and leather dress shoes. Our route was 14th Street to Perkins to 15th to Annesley. The school was on the corner of 20th and Annesley. We’re booking it. The nun’s office overlooks the street, and we saw Sister Mary through the office window looking pretty stern. Also, we didn’t have backpacks, so my books were in one hand and my sack lunch in the other. Sister Mary saw us enter, right at 8:30 as we slid across the linoleum floor while the bell rang. She didn’t say anything. She knew how hard we tried. You should’ve seen my kick.”

No. 15 [Runners]

Abbey D'Agostino
Photo by James Rogers

“I see running as a platform, not only for me to pursue a passion of mine, but also to reach people and impart wisdom I’ve learned so far in my running career. I want to be a light to others.”

[Abbey D’Agostino—a seven-time NCAA champ at Dartmouth—is now running for New Balance under the guidance of Mark Coogan.]

Nos. 13 & 14 [Runners]

Nos. 13 &14
Photo by James Rogers

Right: “My brother is the biggest reason why I’m running. He just graduated from college. … I’ve learned to just keep at it. Running allows you to stay fit and make good connections.”

[Note: Both run at Heritage High School, and the team recently returned from its Rifle River cross-country camp—39 guys were at the camp. In the summer, Monday through Friday is optional conditioning, but about 30 guys attend each session.]