No. 107, Revisited [Runners]

Photo by James Rogers
Photo by James Rogers

“Last year, I had a stress fracture. I’m a pretty new runner, and once my season started going pretty well, I went to Christian [NCCAA] nationals and had a pretty good race but got a stress fracture during the race. That set me back. It was the first time in my life since I started running that I had to take an extended break from it. It made me realize the appreciation I have for not only running, but my teammates, my coach, the gift God has given us to run and to be with these wonderful people. I also noticed how invested my teammates were even not just on a running level, but a deeper level than that. It really helped me see the bigger purpose we have, where before it was so focused on running. I could see my teammates as more of people rather than just running mates. It was a blessing in disguise. At the time, I would have seen it as a curse, but now looking back, it’s definitely a blessing.”

Author: James Rogers

James founded Hooray Run in 2014. He hosts the project's podcast, Hooray Run Podcast, which began in April 2017 and streams on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, SoundCloud, Stitcher, Overcast. Celebrate every step!

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