Hooray Run

No. 88 [Runners]

Photo by James Rogers
Photo by James Rogers

“After Portage, we had team bonding. The girls went and had a sleepover at a girl’s house, and then the boys decided just to do their own thing. First what happened is we tried to go scare the girls—it didn’t really work. We really didn’t do much, and we just kinda said, ‘Oh hey, what’s up?’ and left. After that, we went back to the other guy’s house, and I left, but the other guys slept over. The next morning, they woke up, and their cars were just covered with tampons. They were all over the street, in everyone’s yards. This kid got a whole bunch of paint chipped off his car.”
“So when you next saw the girls team, how was it?”
“It was really upsetting. We made some fake threats that we were gonna call the police, just to see what they would do. We still haven’t gotten them back yet. Tell them to watch their backs.”

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