Nos. 6 & 7 [Runners]

Nos. 6 & 7
Photo by James Rogers

“How long have been working here [at Runners]?”

Right: “About a year.” / Left: “Just since March.”

“What’s a high about this job?”

Left: “I love helping people when they’re starting a new running program. I like being of assistance when they’re trying to recover from an injury.” / Right: “Yeah, helping people with injuries and helping them find the right shoe.”

“What’s your go-to pair of shoes?”

Left: “Mizuno Wave Creation.” / Right: “Brooks Ghost.”

“If you were customers and you could buy three things in this store, what would those three things be?”

Left: “A brand-new sports bra.” / Right: “A new pair of shoes.” / Left: “Compression socks.” / Right: “Yeah, really any piece of compression gear.”

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