Fernando Cabada’s “The Road To Boston” Series

Fernando Cabada delivers an inside look at his buildup for the 2015 Boston Marathon.

Cabada is a 2:11:36 marathoner from Fresno, California, with hopes of finishing in the top five at Boston, which is set for April 20. It will be Cabada’s second go at the Massachusetts 26.2-miler.


Episode 1

In the opening episode, the 32-year-old Cabada discusses his goals for Boston and a few of his best races from the past.


Episode 2

Cabada takes on a 23-mile progression run. At the release of the video, he is 11 weeks from Boston. Part of the run occurs in Woodward Park in Fresno. The 23-miler completes a 115-mile week for Cabada, and he says he’s “ahead of schedule” with his training.


Episode 3

Six weeks out from Boston, Cabada runs a 20-kilometer tempo at 4:55 mile pace. He raced three times in February, including a 1:03:59 half-marathon. “Hard work does pay off,” Cabada says.

YouTube user: Fernando Cabada

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