NCAA D-I Outdoor Championships Results — 800 Meters

The half-mile finalists were on the track Friday evening in Eugene, Oregon, and the Hayward Field faithful were ready to carry the women’s pre-race favorite, Oregon’s Laura Roesler, to a first-place finish. Prior to the race, Roesler seemed locked in.

Flotrack’s Mitch Kastoff considered you legitimately crazy if you didn’t think Roesler would claim the title.

Each final consisted of eight runners, so each athlete was guaranteed to clinch All-American honors. The preliminary rounds on Wednesday set the stage for the eight-athlete fields on Friday.

In the women’s race, Roesler darted from the entire field with a huge surge at 600 meters. Roesler admitted she wasn’t in a good spot with 200 meters to go, but no one could match her move. She ended up winning by a margin of 1.7 seconds.

Roesler also captured the indoor 800-meter title. The senior from Fargo North in North Dakota will also race on Oregon’s 4×400 relay. The 10 points Roesler added to the Ducks’ team total gave UO a two-point lead in the overall women’s standings.

Women’s 800M All-Americans

  • 1. Laura Roesler (Oregon) — 2:01.22
  • 2. Claudia Saunders (Stanford) — 2:02.92
  • 3. Ejiroghene Okoro (Iowa State) — 2:03.37
  • 4. Megan Malasarte (Georgia) — 2:03.42
  • 5. Megan Krumpoch (Dartmouth) — 2:03.82
  • 6. Amy Weissenbach (Stanford) — 2:04.16
  • 7. Sonia Gaskin (Kansas State) — 2:04.55
  • 8. Alexis Panisse (Tennessee) — 2:06.63

Complete Preliminary Results

Complete Final Results

On the men’s side, Brandon McBride of Mississippi State defended his indoor title by taking the win in a time of 1:46.26. It was a fight to the finish, as four runners dipped under 1:47.

Mississippi State’s track and field Twitter account celebrated McBride’s victory.

McBride posted the fastest time in the preliminary rounds, and the sophomore from Canada will look to add more titles to his name in the future.

Men’s 800M All-Americans

  • 1. Brandon McBride (Mississippi State) — 1:46.26
  • 2. Ryan Schnulle (Florida) — 1:46.29
  • 3. Keffri Neal (Kentucky) — 1:46.39
  • 4. Patrick Rono (Arkansas) — 1:46.46
  • 5. Eliud Rutto (Midd. Tenn. State) — 1:47.32
  • 6. Luke Lefebure (Stanford) — 1:47.64
  • 7. Chris Low (Long Beach State) — 1:48.28
  • 8. Derrick Daigre (Washington) — 1:50.83

Complete Preliminary Results

Complete Final Results

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